Opening hours


All uniform (Infant, Primary, Secondary) is stored at the Praz-Dagoud Campus, parents or students wishing to buy items must pass by the school shop which is near the main entrance at ground level.

Uniform shop / Boutique d’uniformes :

Uniform shop hours:

Monday 7h30-8h00

Tuesday 12h00-14h00

Wednesday closed

Thursday 12h00-14h00

Friday 10h00-12h00


Oui will be there to welcome and serve you.

Alternatively an e-mail can be sent to and the order will be prepared for pickup. The school shop stocks stationery and gift items, too!

Summer holiday opening hours :

Monday 23rd-Friday 27th, 9.00-12.00

First week of school opening hours :

Monday 30th August : Closed

Tuesday 31st August-Friday 3rd September : 8.00-12.00